The Slaying Stone

A magical stone used to protect Kiris Dahn in times of old.


Wondrous Item – gp (cannot be purchased or sold)

Property: This item cannot be created with the Enchant Magic Item ritual or disenchanted with the Disenchant Magic Item ritual.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. This power can be used only in the city of Kiris Dahn or within 5 miles of its borders.
Make an attack: Ranged 10; +10 vs. Fortitude; the slaying stone is destroyed, and the target dies at the end of its next turn.
Effect: You are weakened until the end of your next turn.


When the town of Kiris Dahn was at the pinnacle of its power, its wealth and prosperity made it a target for nearby settlements and thieves. To guard against any invasion by powerful forces, the then-ruler of Kiris Dahn sought out tiefing weaponsmiths known as the Architects of Victory, who were experts at deadly magic passed down from the last days of Bael Turath. For a hefty price, they created a set of magic weapons capable of slaying Kiris Dahn’s enemies. They placed a limit on the weapons, though, to ensure that they would be used for their stated purpose and couldn’t be used against the tiefings. The items worked only in and near the town of Kiris Dahn.

Many decades have passed since the creation of the slaying stones. The rulers of Kiris Dahn originally commissioned nine stones (though Kiris Alkirk and his parents believed there were only eight). Seven of these were used to slay leaders of various invading forces, and one was stolen by a courtier and used in an aborted attempt at a coup.

The Kiris family has always held the secret ritual that can destroy a stone. Treona mastered the ritual after she discovered there was still one stone left. This is the last slaying stone, but she refuses to teach others the ritual because she wants clear evidence that the stone is destroyed.

There’s another, far simpler way to destroy the stone: Use it. When someone uses the stone, the air around the item grows hot and dry, and a cloud of red-and-black energy erupts from the ground around the target. The target’s body deteriorates into ashy gravel and dark red sludge. Its purpose fulfilled, the stone cracks in half, its runes go dark, and it turns ice-cold.

The Slaying Stone

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